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The architects acknowledged the errors with the tallest residential building in the Western hemisphere

Architect Rafael viñoly admitted that there are problems with his skyscraper 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan, today the tallest residential tower in the Western hemisphere.
Tenants have already begun to move into the tower with a height of 426 m, and the architect is not completely satisfied with your project.
“There are a couple of stocks,” said the Uruguayan architect.авторский надзор за строительством
On each of the 96 floors have six Windows with a size of 3×3 m on each side. Inside they have very thick frames, which occupy a lot of space.
“That was the idea Harry,” said viñoly, referring to developer Harry maclou, which in 2006 paid $440 million for the Drake hotel and demolished it a year later to make room for a skyscraper. In order to avoid mistakes architects and designers need the author’s supervision of construction.
Another viñoly find fault with the interior design performed by Deborah Berke Partners. In particular, the architect does not like the location of bathrooms.
According to author’s supervision over construction, this isn’t the first time viñoly admits the problems with their buildings. When in 2013 Talkie Tower in London melt a car on a nearby street, the architect admitted that he knew that curving facade will create strong beams of light, and said, “what’s this building we screwed up”.